Plant Protectors

Humi Gold

Humi Gold is formulated with high grade humic acids and fulvic acids with minerals and nutrients that promote plant health and growth. The importance of humic acids lies in their ability to promote hormonal activity in plants. Fulvic acids promote more tillers in paddy and vegetative growth in plants.

  • Stimulate root growth, better uptake of nutrients
  • Increased cell wall thickness thus extending shelf life.
  • Accelerated seed germination.
  • Enhance plants natural resistance against disease and pest
  • Increase vitamin and mineral content of plants
  • Increased water holding capacity of soil, increased aeration of soil.
  • Improved drought tolerance.

Recommendations: It can be used as seed treatment, soil application, foliar application and drip irrigation.

Crops: Cotton, chilly, paddy, vegetables, cereals, pulses, oil seeds, ornamental flowers & fruit crops.

Dosage: Mix 2.0 – 3.0 of Humi Gold in 1 ltr of water. Soil and Drip: 500ml to 1 ltr/acre. Seed treatment: 1 kg seed coat with 15-20ml of Humi gold, shade dry for 30 min and sow the seeds.