Plant Protectors

N Poshak

N-Poshak is a biotechnology research product contains multi nutrients, minerals with amino acid, humic acid, fulvic acid, seaweed and hormonal balancers. These easily observed in plant systems.

  • Promotes uptake of macro and macro nutrients.
  • Promotes enzymatic activity by acting as natural stimulant.
  • Amino acid is responsible for flower initiation & early fruiting.
  • Stimulates protein synthesis as it contains amino acids.
  • Increase root growth.
  • Improves the drought resistance by its direct action.
  • Induces flowering and reduces flower drop.
  • Improves fruit set and reduces fruit drop.
  • Improves fruit size, quality and color.

Crops: Cotton, chilly, paddy, pomegranate, grapes, pulses, vegetables, treat, all horticulture and agricultural crops.

Dosage: Mix 2.0-2.5ml of N-Poshak in 1 ltr of water and spray.